Michigan Senate Votes on continuing health insurance tax

With the new 2016 year, we must expect new laws and new tax plans created around the country. Recently the Michigan senate voted on some very important stuff about Michigan's health insurance tax. The new extension which is until 2020 happened after the Michigan senate got together and hammered out the details. 21-17 was the vote on [...]

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Google shuts down Auto Insurance comparison software

Google has had many innovations with their search engines, one of the newest was a software add-on to their search engine that allowed people to get auto insurance comparisons between some of the biggest companies and what they offer. Google began rolling this auto insurance special software out in March 2015 . After a couple [...]

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Michigan Fee for looking up Driving records increased to 38%

The price of Finding Michigan drivers has gone up by 38% under the new budget set by Gov Rick Snyder. The new cost for a driving record look-up is set for $11 from the original $8 on October 1st. According to State Officials, They expect to raise an extra $14.1 million by next year which [...]

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Saving on home insurance this leap year can be easy

Michigan regulates home insurance on a state law basis. Because of this a lot of insurance companies fight for every customer they can get. So what normally happens is companies will constantly adjust prices to match and compete with competitors. Many of these Companies will have their own tools on their site to compare with [...]

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Survey shows drops in businesses offering health insurance.

In 2014, the amount of small companies offering health insurance dropped 7%, in 2013 it was at 40 percent. This new percentage of 33% was from a new study coming out of a Ann Arbor-based Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation. The low percent is thought of to be the result of Affordable Care Act, while [...]

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Michigan unemployment systems hits thousands with fraud

The System has long been removed, but still lawsuits and unhappy residents remain. Millions of dollars in fines were given after Michigan unemployment insurance agency started automated services in 2013 to detect Fraud. One metro Detroit resident has been on the receiving end of the systems false fraud claim. Kevin Grifka,a electrician, had his whole federal [...]

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Michigan Changes Insured Claims Cap

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services has adjusted the insured’s net worth limit and covered claim cap for determining the status of a claim against the state’s Property and Casualty Guaranty Association. Director Patrick McFarland has set the insured’s net worth limit at $29,700,000 and the insured’s covered claims cap at $5,880,000. The amounts are [...]

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Michigan added to list of health insurance coverage & increases.

According to my source ,Eight states had significant coverage gains according to the National Health Interview Survey. Those States include Arizona, California , Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and New York. As a combined total, the nation had an uninsured rate of 9.1% during the first nine months of 2015. The uninsured rate in 2013 was much [...]

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