How to purchase life insurance correctly

  Because there are so many different types of life insurance, its easy to see why they're would be a large amount of packages and different type of services. The most important service is of course giving your spouse, children and relatives a source of income if you die. If you have bought Permanent Life [...]

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Google shuts down Auto Insurance comparison software

Google has had many innovations with their search engines, one of the newest was a software add-on to their search engine that allowed people to get auto insurance comparisons between some of the biggest companies and what they offer. Google began rolling this auto insurance special software out in March 2015 . After a couple [...]

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Saving on home insurance this leap year can be easy

Michigan regulates home insurance on a state law basis. Because of this a lot of insurance companies fight for every customer they can get. So what normally happens is companies will constantly adjust prices to match and compete with competitors. Many of these Companies will have their own tools on their site to compare with [...]

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Survey shows drops in businesses offering health insurance.

In 2014, the amount of small companies offering health insurance dropped 7%, in 2013 it was at 40 percent. This new percentage of 33% was from a new study coming out of a Ann Arbor-based Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation. The low percent is thought of to be the result of Affordable Care Act, while [...]

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Davison Agency Insurance Benefits

Davison Agency The Benefit of Insurance & Insurance Types Getting insurance is one of the most important things you will do in life. Whether it is auto, home, medical or life insurance, you need them. The main benefit is that you’re protected just in case something does happen. While you may think that nothing will [...]

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